About Hotel Kaštil

Hotel Kaštil is located within a baroque fortress which formerly belonged to the aristocratic Vusio family of Brač. Only five meters from the coast, Hotel Kaštil is the ideal location for rest and relaxation. In addition to the sea, all the recreational and cultural offerings are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Hotel consists of 32 rooms with sea view, 28 of which are two-bed and 4 three-bed. Additional features are in house Vusio restaurant, Pizzeria Topolino and famous Cocktail bar Varadero.


Our History

Website redesign
New website was created with automated booking system.
Founded by Ante Vidosevic as "Pansion Vidosevic"
First guests in Bol were registered in 1929. Pansion Vidosevic is considered the beginning of tourism in Bol, and Ante Vidosevic its pioneer.